Download Atomic Runner – Free Game

by on April 9th, 2009


Download free game – Atomic Runner. A most addictive game with long stages.


Keys: Shift, Ctrl, Alt, Space bar
File Type: Installable, exe
Size: 1.05 MB

Download Atomic Runner

Download Atomic Runner

Download Atomic Runner in Sega Genesis Emulator Version

Atomic Runner is also available in Sega Genesis Emulator Version.



Start Button = Enter
Button 1 = A
Button 2 = S
Button 3 = D
Button 4 = Z
Button 5 = X
Button 6 = C
alt+enter for full screen

How to Use

- Click play 1.exe
- Click File > open rom
- Browse GAMES folder
- select game
- press enter
- set sound enable
- set keys from options

File Type: Emulator, zip
Size: 1.12 MB

Download Atomic Runner Emulator Version

Download Atomic Runner emulator version


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