Download Apple Safari 4 Beta

by on February 27th, 2009


Safari is about beautiful and smart browsing. Current version if safari is 4 beta. Safari 4 has brought many many new cool features including Top Sites, Cover Flow, Full History, Tabs on Top, Nitro Engine, Developer Tools and much more. My favorite is developer tools of course.

Cool Features


You can enjoy a stunning, at-a-glance preview of your favorite websites without lifting a finger. Safari 4 Beta tracks the sites you browse and ranks your favorites, presenting up to 24 thumbnails on a single page.


Cover Flow offers a highly visual way of reviewing your site history and bookmarked sites, presenting full-page previews of the websites that look exactly as they did when you last visited them. With Full History Search what you see is where you went. Safari introduces a dramatic new way to revisit sites, letting you flip through full-page previews of the sites you visited in the past. You may not have total recall, but Safari does, automatically storing all the text and a thumbnail of every page in your history.


In Safari, developers will find the best set of development tools ever included in a browser. Just turn them on in Safari preferences and use them to examine the structure of a page, debug JavaScript, optimize performance and compatibility, inspect offline databases, or test experimental pieces of code on the fly.

Besides that now Safari includes Phishing and Malware Protection, Full-Page Zoom, advanced color management, CSS 3 Web Fonts support, Nitro JavaScript Engine for amazingly fast browsing, Databases viewing and execute SQL queries, Web Inspector, Windows Font Rendering, ARIA Support and much more…

I have found safari a little bit more fun as compared to the FireFox with these all new features. WOW!

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