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by on May 5th, 2013

BOClean, is a part of Comodo Internet Security but you can get Antimalware BOClean free separately as well. It runs silently in the background, monitoring your PC and waiting to root out and destroy malware whenever it enters in your computer. Remove spyware, keyloggers, rootkits, adware, hijackers by BOClean anti-malware. BOClean anti malware software automatically detects and destroys the many different types of malware.


Even if you’re the most careful PC user, malware can find a way to enter in your computer. A seemingly innocent email from a friend could in fact be a stealth method of exploiting security features. What appears to be a favorite website could in fact be an imposter, foisting its own malware on unsuspecting visitors. There are literally hundreds of ways in which personal information and entire operating system can be hijacked.

BOClean is free. BOClean runs in the background without being bothersome, monitoring the memory for any malware-related activity. When it discovers malware, it deletes malware. Simple as that. And because of its unique memory-detection system, BOClean manages to catch malicious software earlier than most antivirus programs. It’s anti malware software you can set and forget.


  • Protection against “Trojan Horse” attacks, spam proxies, and spam relays
  • Disconnects the threat without disconnecting you
  • Automatic updates for the latest in anti malware protection
  • Immediate malware obliteration
  • Full spectrum anti malware coverage and protection
  • Minimal interference operation
  • Optional “malware deletion reports”
  • “Repackaged” malware elimination (detects and deletes newer or more advanced variants of existing malware)
  • Free, automated updates
  • Fully automated malware removal (immediate malware deletion)
  • “Optional “hidden” configuration keeps BOClean off desktops (no unauthorized users can remove or tamper with BOClean)

BOClean Anti-Malware protects itself from detection by malware programs that are designed to detect and disable virus protection programs and server firewalls. BOClean Anti-Malware runs invisibly in the system’s background unless you disable it in the settings area of the application menu.

Download BOClean Anti Malware

Download BOClean Anti Malware
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