Download Anti Crash Tool for PC – Fix PC Crash Automatically

by on December 31st, 2009

AntiCrash is a powerful anti-crash tool for PC. It can intercept and fix up to 95.8% crashes, errors, freezes and blue screens. When a crash occurs, AntiCrash fixes it automatically, you have to do nothing! AntiCrash also includes a unique technology, AutoRepair. With AutoRepair, scan & repair all your computer problems with a single click – AutoRepair automatically determines what is wrong on your computer with an advanced Artificial Intelligence system, and fixes it instantly!

  • Total protection from crashes and freezes
  • AutoRepair technology included
  • Anti-boot system for Yahoo Messenger
  • Files protected from corruption
  • Easy to use
  • Smart Software

AntiCrash protects your computer. It protects you against 95.8% crashes and automatically fixes the crashes. AntiCrash is also capable of intercepting blue screens and freezes. AntiCrash introduces BootSafe – boot-free chatting with Yahoo. If a malicious user tries to boot you, BootSafe intercepts it and deactivates the attempt. Lifebelt will automatically backup a copy of all open files if a crash occurs, making it sure for you to always recover all the files you were working on. AntiCrash features other great functions, such as damaged file recovery or lost data recovery.

Download Anti Crash

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