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by on January 15th, 2014

Angry Birds Star War

In the beginning, the idea of a mash-up of angry birds with star wars appeared to be implausible. But as you see that angry birds has included so much fun, ingenuity and thrill while keeping with star wars that it entirely makes sense and keeps you amused for hours.

Angry birds star wars is the most popular game among all age groups. Earlier in the year while Rovio released their space browser game, the physics of this game united with the star wars theme made it unquestionably exhilarating title. It is a simple and easy game which grabs your attention.

It the mixture of flinging birds which destructs the space age structure. Moreover, the gravitational pull has been added to it which disturbs the shot depending upon your shooting abilities.

Angry birds is the stage based game where you throw the birds around in order to score the points which helps you in unlocking the new levels with cool and exciting hidden characteristics. The bird characters get a famous star wars character to do.

Every player gets some special skills with the game play that extends what is usually offered in simple angry birds game. In the series of 80 stages beginning with Tatooine, as you progress in space and later moving to the death star, the action takes place. Angry birds star wars is a free game available for all smart phone devices.


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