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by on January 15th, 2014

Angry Birds Go

Mobile games are popular everywhere these days. One of the most trendy among them is Angry birds Go. It is a cart racing game in series of Angry birds. If you want to stretch your mind and pass your leisure time in a fun way, this game has it all. Angry birds go is challenging, thrilling and action packed fun.

Angry Birds Go starts with a known character, a basic Go-cart and a fun route with polished visuals. It is, however, not just another monotonous or violence driven entertainment. This game requires deep concentration, logic and strategy. In order to take on enemies of angry birds, the players need to get engaged in 120 levels of the battle with vigilantly planned revenge and wits.

Its story includes green pigs, steeling precious eggs of birds with intent to eat them. Angry birds are on the operation to take revenge by kicking off the green pigs and get bake their un-born brood. The players, while acting as the angry birds, must use cunning skills and tricky strategy to beat the green pigs.

Angry birds go contains different courses and several types of races are added to spice up the game.


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