Download Dots for Android and iOS – Little yet Addictive Game about Connecting Colorful Dots

by on January 24th, 2014

Dots is a free, addictive puzzle game with good storyline. This game has been on the top games because it keeps you engaged for long hours. Sometimes you want something a bit simpler while playing games. This easy to master game is perfect when you have a short amount of leisure time for gaming. It is elegant in its simplicity and is very addictive. It is less complicated as it is only you and a cluster of multi-colored dots that need to get connected.

The task is simple as well; you just need to connect the same colored dots as many as you can in sixty seconds. An untimed moves based mode is also available where you can have as much time as you want. Every new round begins with a random set of colored dots organized in a grid pattern. From there you have to draw vertical or horizontal (but not diagonal) lines to connect the identical colored dots as many as possible. If you get to connect dots in a square, the whole white background will change to a similar color for a few moments. Each dot you earn will be spending on power ups.

You can also attest that you are better at dots game than your friends by our local multi-player mode. If you are still tentative about the dots, here is the beginning of the game. Dots is a right selection for rapid gaming fun.


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