WonderFox Document Manager Giveaway – Unlimited Exclusive Offer for TechMynd Readers

by on August 18th, 2012

WonderFox Document Manager is all-in-one document manager from iWondersky Soft that is solution to treat Microsoft Word documents, Microsoft Excel documents, Microsoft Powerpoint documents, PDF and other documents. You can lock documents, unlock documents, hide documents, unhide hidden documents, encrypt or decrypt documents, and convert documents in other formats. There also a backup function to take automatic backups of documents. Renaming or moving documents is also available. This giveaway is an open unlimited giveaway but for 7 days only. Everybody can get this software with license key who is our guest. iWondersky Soft is offering this new full software exclusively for TechMynd’s readers. Get this $50 worth software for free.

Manage, encrypt and convert your document files. Manage (get all target file lists and backup the target documents) the daily office documents easily and conveniently. WonderFox Documents Manager is not just a documents/file management software, it is a file encryption software and PDF converter. The documents manager could help users protect (Lock, Hide and Encryption) their improtant and private documents/files. Furthermore, the PDF conversion function is on the way, and it will be coming soon.

WonderFox Document Manger can help you manage and classify your document files easily and efficiently. One-click to load all of your target office documents and list them in the corresponding combo box and then you can copy, backup, move or delete them as your will, for example, you can load all of your word documents or Excel ducoments with just one click and list them all in the corresponding combo box of WonderFox Document Manager.

The “Advanced Search” function of WonderFox Ducument Manager allows users to search several target files (maximally 8 keywords) at one time. When you want to find some specified files among a large numbers of your document files, WonderFox Document Manager will easily help you save your time and energy.

WonderFox Document Manager can help you backup your document files easily. You can backup your document files like word, Excel, PPT, PDF by one click to avoid losing your document files, modification or damage. With this function you can retrieve your lost file anytime. Suppose that if you lose some of your important document files, what will you do? Actually, you do not have to worry about that. With WonderFox Documents Manager, you can easily find back your lost document files.

Compared with common document management software, WonderFox Document Manager can help you do more. Apart from the document management function, it can also help you encrypt your office documents easily to prevent accidental deletion, modification or protect your privacy. You can lock and unlock your document files, hide and unhide your document files, encrypt and decrypt your document files according to your needs. What’s better, every operation is easy to use, you can easily protect your document files within several simple steps.

WonderFox Document Manager Features

  • Lock documents
  • Unlock documents
  • Hide documents
  • Unhide documents
  • Encrypt documents
  • Decrypt documents
  • Convert documents
  • Backup documents
  • Rename documents
  • Move documents

Download WonderFox Document Manager

Download WonderFox Document manager

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The offer is valid for 7 days from now on.

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