Do Not Use Browser for Search – Use Mouse

by on November 20th, 2008

Every time you need to search, you open a browser window, type your search term, press enter and there you go. But that is still a search from Google or any other single search engine which you choose to search from and is slow way to search. Because you opened a single browser window, selected a single search engine and searched through. Drop it, seriously. How about searching through many search mediums at the same time and without using browser?

KallOut search is out there. This tool will also make your life easier. Doesn’t matter you are at word (DOC) document, web page, Power Point, Excel or at PDF document; just select the search term; a box will appear, you click it and it pops right away search about that selected term. What’s more? you can switch the search results with a single click. Switch to Google, Wikipedia, Twitter or other many provided options in the software, right there in little box.

You do not need a browser to search. You need just a mouse. Check out the video demonstration of software.

Product Highlights:

KallOut is the new way to search using only your mouse. Select text on any web page or document and KallOut does the rest.

  • Works over any web page, Microsoft Office doc or Adobe PDF new
  • Stay focused and search much faster with results in context
  • Search smarter with KallOut’s automatic BestGuess suggestions
  • Enjoy the serendipity of finding great content from suggested sites you don’t normally visit
  • Bring the web’s best content with you
  • Find information up to 10x faster
  • Launch the SearchBar to quickly type in searches
  • Store KallOuts in the custom Dock
  • Supported by most browsers
  • Open any address into Google Maps

One Review

  1. Jürgen says:

    Looks really interesting, was hopeing to find something like this for my mac! :(