Dirty Phone Book – Uncensored People Reviews with their Real Phone Numbers

by on January 8th, 2014

Every now and then new websites and apps pop out that amaze us. Sometimes these new trends and apps do not even make sense or at-least we fail to judge whether these have any real worth or are total waste of time. But internet will present us with anything and everything. We have reviewed Omegle which is a free unique text and video chatting service with total strangers anonymously. Yet here comes ‘Dirty Phone Book’ that contains over 101 million phone numbers and associated reviews about owners of those phone numbers. You can find your friends, colleagues, soul-mates, ex-friends and read what everybody else think of them or even about you. Your phone number and your review might also be available on that website. Its a free website that can be used to post anybody’s phone number and the associated review about him/her.

DirtyPhoneBook has got following features:

  • Entertaining
  • Find and follow your friends by their phone numbers
  • People’s profiles built by the entire Internet community
  • Access a wealth of information and phone numbers
  • Post anonymous comments about anything and everything under anyone’s phone number
  • Create your own personal phone book to keep track of what people are saying about you and your friends
  • Stay Fresh, get gossip through DirtyPhoneBook alerts as it happens

There are uses of this website if used carefully and purposefully.

Expose People Online

Did anybody do you dirty? Do you have a crime to report? Did you have a good or bad experience at a restaurant? Did an auto mechanic or anybody else rip you off? Share it on DirtyPhoneBook to expose that person.

Avoid Being a Victim

Before buying anything on eBay or Craigslist, check the seller’s phone number on DirtyPhoneBook. You can get the information about a person before a blind date. You can check if a person will pay you back before lending him money. Check that whether a person a healthy of sick with some disease. Check which one of your friends has got a bad habit.

Registration Benefits

After registering with website, you can view photos, block your phone number or block certain comments under your postings.

Caution: Almost all the data is posted by anonymous people on DirtyPhoneBook. Do not take that seriously. While people will post the bad reviews about others they have bad experiences with but people can also post bad reviews about good people just because they do not like them.

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