Insert Batteries into a Device in Either + or – Direction

by on July 3rd, 2010


Microsoft InstaLoad Technology enables you to insert battery in either direction. Ever annoyed when your device simply does not work because you put the batteries in the wrong direction? You have to read diagram at battery to determine + and – direction and then at the device to put batteries in the right direction to make device work. Thanks to Microsoft, you don’t need to care for that anymore.

Battery contacts designed based on InstaLoad technology enable users to insert batteries into a device in either + or – direction and the device simply works. Users do not have to search for a hard to read diagram to determine how to insert the batteries.

The two batteries can be inserted in any of the four possible orientations.


InstaLoad battery contacts are especially helpful when they are used in devices that:

  • Use multiple batteries
  • Require frequent battery swap out
  • May be damaged by having the battery inserted incorrectly
  • Require battery replacement at inconvenient times or locations
  • For battery operated device suppliers, InstaLoad technology can help to differentiate your products while offering a better customer experience.

InstaLoad technology can be used with AA, AAA, C, D batteries. Devices that require cylindrical form factor batteries (disposable and rechargeable) can use the InstaLoad technology, including less common cylindrical battery sizes such as CR123.

Portable lighting, flashlights, battery chargers, toys, consumer electronics, mice and keyboards, and all other battery operated devices using standard off-the-shelf cylindrical batteries can use InstaLoad technology.

InstaLoad Technology