Developing A PHP CMS – Coding & Programming

by on December 4th, 2007

I will have to admit. Programming is a very sensitive and careful work to do. Its been quite some days while I have been developing my new but first open source based, php full content management system. Even if I did write down all the points which I will be going to cover in this management system but as the project went on I had to drop some code and add some new by time to time. I like to do PHP stuff. Its my one of many interesting things to do.

In PMB I promised my readers to provide them a complete content management system which will cover more than just a phone book or address book. I would say that it has actually more bells and whistles in it. The development process went on fairly. I am almost done with it. I have planned to provide my readers full support relating to this system. I have created some web-based instructions on how to use PMB? what PMB contains? What platform is uses? How PMB can be used at local machine? How to use it at local server? How to use wamp server in fact and wamp general settings and also screenshots of the software. Even if anybody do not know that how to run PHP pages at PC locally, I can say that by reading detailed instruction manual along with PMB, he will be able to setup PMB locally and use it successfully for his record management needs.

I am pretty happy about the development of this CMS. If I will get responses and suggestions, I will even enhance its functionality, support and modules. Presently it will support images also and everything is customizable. Just waiting for 17-December-2007 to arrive and PMB will be on its way.

Download PMB