Browse Cydia Apps from Desktop Computer

by on May 3rd, 2012

Browsing Cydia apps from your iDevice is a frustrating slow experience where you have to scroll down like forever to find the right app. You can view, browse, select your favorite apps from Cydia right at your computer desktop. Here is how to browse Cydia apps on desktop computer.

With desktop computer’s web browser, browsing apps on cydia and cydia sections is easy because we can list cydia apps, open apps in new tabs, compare more than one apps while opening in different browser tabs and we have got mouse to speed-click-through several apps in cydia.

In app details page, you can view the app page as it shows up in the iPhone.

Browse through the Cydia apps by category, repository or author. Go to following websites to browse cydia from desktop computer. You can have a statement about app package that it is from a trusted repository or not.

Cydia Search from Planet iPhones
Cydia Search from ModMyi