Customize Windows Event Tones and Sounds

by on June 18th, 2009

Are you bored with the same Windows start-up tone, system shutdown tone and other Windows tones (sounds). You can change these tones (sounds) easily to your favorite sounds.

I will give you an example by changing Windows startup sound.

Change Windows Start-up tone

Using any audio cutter software or Windows Movie maker you take a little part of your favorite music. Make the clip of 3 to 4 sec duration.
Convert the clip to WAV audio format using any audio converter.
Rename the file name like startwin or something like this.
Now copy the converted audio clip to C:\WINDOWS\Media
Open Control Panel > Sound and Audio Devices.
Go to Sound Tab.
Go to Program events box.
Under Windows categories, single click on Start Windows.
Under the Program events box You will find a box as Sounds.
Click on it’s dropdown box and select startwin.wav .
Now click on Apply > Ok.
You are done.
Restart your computer to hear the new Start-up tone.
You can go with similar process for other event sounds.