How to Customize Whats New Settings in MSN Messenger

by on March 27th, 2010

MSN messenger offers a lot of updates from different social networking websites and your social network. MSN is also a social community. You can do a lot of stuff any social website can offer at the MSN social community. e.g. join friend’s network, send them message, make friends, invite people and more. Its Windows Live network or you can say it MSN Live network. When you open your msn messenger, in the bottom there comes a lot of blinking updates and messages you can choose to be notified about or disable these updates. You can hide updates from people, events, and groups. If you want to customize this service then here is the tip.

Do you see a What’s new link in messenger at the bottom. Clicking it will bring it to the settings page where you can customize many services to show updates or not. Here are all the services you can choose to customize for update notifications.

  • Blog – Show blog updates.
  • Discussions – Show updates about discussions in groups.
  • Documents – Show updates about shared documents.
  • Events – Show updates about events.
  • Favorite things – Show updates about favorite books, music and movies.
  • Groups – Show updates about groups.
  • Guestbook – Show updates about comments added to guestbooks.
  • Lists – Show updates about changes to lists on spaces.
  • Network – Show updates when people join a network.
  • Notes – Show updates about notes left on profiles.
  • Photos – Show updates about photos.
  • Profile – Show profile updates.
  • Shared favorites – Show updates about shared favorites.
  • Web activities – Show updates about web activities.
  • Windows Live Messenger – Show updates about changes to Messenger pictures or personal messages.
  • Windows Live Messenger games – Show updates about games played on Windows Live Messenger.

More social networks include:

  • settings
  • 4travel settings
  • Arto settings
  • Azbuz settings
  • Baby Kingdom settings
  • Community settings
  • Bilddagboken settings
  • Blingee settings
  • [email protected] settings
  • settings
  • settings
  • BuscaPĂ© settings
  • CNET settings
  • Custom blog settings
  • Dada settings
  • Dailymotion settings
  • Daum settings
  • Digg settings
  • dkbn settings
  • Doctissimo Community settings
  • Facebook settings
  • Flickr settings
  • Flixster settings
  • Fotolog settings
  • Goodreads settings
  • Hulu settings
  • Hyves settings
  • iLike settings
  • IRC-Galleria settings
  • Judy’s Book settings
  • settings
  • Libero Community settings
  • settings
  • L’Internaute Copains settings
  • LiveJournal settings
  • settings
  • MClub settings
  • MiniBlog settings
  • MSN settings
  • Multiply settings
  • MySpace settings
  • myVIP settings
  • settings
  • Newsvine settings
  • OleOle settings
  • Overblog settings
  • Pandora settings
  • Photobucket settings
  • Photozou settings
  • PIXNET settings
  • Playahead settings
  • Qik settings
  • Qype settings
  • SayClubme settings
  • Skyrock settings
  • SlideShare settings
  • SmugMug settings
  • StumbleUpon settings
  • Tabelog settings
  • TISTORY settings
  • TripIt settings
  • Twitter settings
  • TypePad settings
  • Viadeo settings
  • settings
  • WordPress settings
  • settings
  • Yelp settings
  • YouTube settings
  • Zoo settings

Just uncheck the service you don’t want and you will not be bugged about updates from that specific network anymore.

3 Reviews

  1. asdad says:

    you dont have to use that msn client. there are a lot better ones. all of them are better. from trillian to amsn, pidgin, etc…no ads and more features.

  2. pidzaro says:

    hi my freinds

  3. Allécto says:


    And what about hiding our own updates?
    For example, if yesterday I was mad at a friend and wrote something about it on my display message, but today I regret it and erase, even if he hasn’t gone online during this period, he’ll probably see it on the recent updates on bottom, because it also shows former displays messages.
    That’s not good. Of course people online can read whatever you put on the display message, but once you’ve erased it, you should have privacy enough to have it completely erased.