Customize Folder Icon and Thumbnail Image

by on December 1st, 2007

Ever got problem with folder icons or folder thumbnail view image? I do sometimes. May be because of some virus or due to some windows performance problems, sometimes my icons do change their appearance into any other icon image and sometimes even when I view folders in thumbnails view, they preview some image over these, even if image is not currently present in there.


To solve these problems or to customize these according to your own look-and-feel needs you can tweak folders a little bit. Customize Folder Icon or Thumbnail Image. As you can view in figure, I right clicked at folder and pressed properties option. That gave me this customize screen.

There you can change the folder picture for thumbnail view or restore it back to original. Folder icons section beneath that can change your default icon of that specific folder to your indicated customized icon image. In figure you can see clearly both normal and customized phases of the process for normal view as well as for thumbnail view of that specific icon. 

2 Reviews

  1. Rimas K says:

    Is it possible to change folder with picture in it icon to one that displays only that picture as folder thumbnail in Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit? I can’t find any methods or scripts in the internet. Any ideas?

  2. Thomas J Thomas says:

    This is perfect BUT can you help me .

    Is there any program/software you know that will save the customized folders settings when you transfer a folder to a External HDD.

    As by default you will lose then settings

    Thank you.