Custom AntiVirus Solutions – Latest Antivirus Specific Tools

by on April 11th, 2008

It is such a tough task to select right Anti-Virus software for latest problems caused by new viruses and to purchase, download and install it; just to realize that it did not work for this problem. What next? Try another Anti-Virus software??? Nah! Here are some working custom Anti-Virus Free Tools which will enable you to cope with latest virus problems relating to USB, PC Drives, Folder Options and Registry problems etc.

Anti Brontok

What is Brontok
Brontok Symptoms: 
– Disabled Folder Options
– Disabled Registry Editor
– Brontok Installs itself in the startup
– When in memory, it will restart the system if any program involving the registry is started


It is smart Anti-Virus that can easily remove 39 different specific viruses and worms. It is able to detect and clean viruses only by running it. It can also remove viruses from flash drives (USB Data Travellers) and scan single folders or drives for viruses.

Use smart-AV for solution of
– Deleting Autorun.inf files.
– To restore Windows Default Settings damaged by different worms and viruses.
– Selectively remove viruses from USB Drive or Disk Drives.

And the complete list of viruses it can remove are as followings:
Trojan-Downloader.Win32.AutoIt.q.a (Ravmon)
Virus.Win32.AutoRun.abt.a (Smss or Funny Scandal)
Trojan Dropper
VirusSe (SE.exe)
AntiVirus 2009


Manually remove viruses and moniter all processes.

Enable Task Manager

Restore origional settings of registry file corrupted by viruses and worms by this tool.

Disk Drive Cleaner

If clicking disk drives does not open drive but gives open with option then use this tool to cope with this problem.

Download Smart Antivirus

Download Smart Anti Virus (757 kb)

Anti Virus Protection for any PC has been a growing need. Some people recommend cheap antivirus software solution and some suggest free virus protection software or virus removal software. Internet security software are different from antivirus and with standard scanning software you also need anti spam software sometimes. Explore TechMynd Recommendations for your PC security needs.