CSS Styles Not Displaying In Dreamweaver Design Mode

by on April 19th, 2008



This is the problem I spotted with a colleague at office and now today it happened to me. I opened a web page in Dreamweaver and the CSS styles were not showing up. All the web page was naked and colorless in design mode. I wondered. I doubled checked the CSS styles in head section. the script was there. Searching over Google did not help me. Then I kept looking in software options and did some settings and I got my visuals back after some minutes. Here are the steps to solve the problem.

In dreamweaver Go to ViewVisual Aids

Following options must be checked

  • CSS Layout Box Model
  • CSS Layout Outlines

Moreover Go to ViewStyles Rendering

Make sure that following option is checked

– Screen Media Type

Interesting fact: Even these option were checked with me but still CSS Styles were not displaying. I figured out that I was using CSS Styles Script in another page header.php and so it was outside the web page which I was editing but header was included in that page.

Here I did something more…

I defined the site. Go to SiteManage Sites

Define the site there, give it a name, give path where the pages are located and configure other options. When site was defined then Dreamweaver got it that where are rest of the pages and CSS was back and my page was again colorful in design mode.

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  1. arun says:

    Thanks a lot. Had exactly the same problem. Solution was a hit on bulls eye.

  2. vennhw says:

    This is really awesome solution…
    It worked for me…Thanks

  3. Mark says:

    Thanks for the great post, thought i had to reinstall it. Was driving me nuts, but glad its sorted out now.

  4. Jacob says:

    I found this same problem, all layout was non-existent.

    In my case when you go to the site definistion in dreamweaver. CLick on the local view tab and put in the Http Address.

    Adding this in there makes the stylehseet work just fine. Then again im within a government agency and everything in here seems different. But i thought i would just drop a line and let you guys know!

    Let the hunt be over

  5. carl says:

    Thanks, This really helped me out.

    Great Tutorial

  6. Joseph says:

    This articule saved my day …… Thankyou ….. thankyou and thank you again

  7. Sarah Dilks says:

    If that doesn’t work go to View->Style Rendering->Display Styles

  8. Sneha says:

    Thank you for the quick solution

  9. sam says:

    Thanks for that just what I was looking for