Critical Problem With WP23RP WP Related Posts Plugin

by on September 25th, 2008

For WordPress new release 2.6.2, I updated one of my blog and got my posts exported and then imported into new blog. There one unusual thing I noticed. WP23RP (WP Related Posts Plugin) which I was using and post views plugin did something unusual. Whenever i was going to open my Write new post section It got held and jQuery script went unresponsive while I noticed that there was a loop going on in my Write Panel under Custom Fields Tab. Related posts were populating there which should not be because I was writing a new post, and was not editing any existing post. My server got heavy load and they told me about it. I immediately turned off WP Related posts and Post Views plugins but problem was same. Post views fields were also populating there. I realized that there must be some database problem. I fixed that after a bit of a struggle.

I requested help from WordPress Forum here.

Author’s homepage is here.

Plugin’s home page is here.

yet I did not get any response. But its a critical issue. It can be anything with new WordPress 2.6.2 importing or it can be anything to do with WP Realted Posts Plugin (Update Issue).

If you know anything relating to this problem then please advise the audience.


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  1. Hiroshi says:

    Finally when WordPress 2.7 released and I upgraded. This problem also solved.