Highly Creative Wallpapers Caption Contest – 14 Backlinks Giveaway

by on January 12th, 2010

Here are few highly creative wallpapers, You can give Captions. The winners will be announced based on most creative caption. You can point towards the wallpaper by using their code number. CW stands for Creative Wallpaper. e.g. For first wallpaper use CW-1 and write caption in comments. The best captions will be placed under respective wallpaper with user name and user’s website/ blog link. Only best captions will take their place under the wallpaper with the author’s name and website link. The first 3 top creative captions will be mentioned at the top of this post separately as well. As soon as all wallpapers will get caption the contest would be over.

If you see a caption with the author name under any wallpaper, you can try suggesting a caption for different wallpaper. Best of luck!

Cw1 – Water Igniter!

Cw2 – Which way?

Cw3 – All Premium! Nothing Ordinary!

Cw4 – Behind every race there is a …!

Cw5 – Yes We Can!

Cw6 – Where all those bar codes came from?

Cw7 – OMG! He is only a Human!

Cw8 – The One Dollar Story!

Cw9 – The Infected One… USB!

Cw10 – Let’s put the auto on auto-piolet!

Cw11 – To win, you gotta make someone lose!

Cw12 – The Invisible Authority!

Cw13 – Its all just a game!

Cw14 – The skills!

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  1. Handy says:

    Where all those bar codes came from is number 1