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by on August 9th, 2009

If you are a great graphics designer but you do not know how to develop a theme for WordPress (PHP Development) then this product is for you. May be you have your own blog and you need a fresh theme for it. You have got PSD but you do not have any clue about how to convert a design into a fully compatible theme. Divine creates WordPress theme for you from just a PSD absolutely free. Download software, load PSD in Photoshop, launch divine, define header, footer, sidebars and different parts of theme and hit it. Your WordPress theme is ready.

  • Its free.
  • Create WordPress theme in few minutes.
  • You don’t need to know PHP. No HTML, CSS or programming knowledge required.
  • Create themes for WordPress CMS.
  • SEO friendly and browsers compatible output. Clean standard compliant HTML-CSS layout.
  • Table-less coding. Resulting HTML/PHP code is div-based.
  • Just concentrate on design, code will be generated flawlwssly.
  • HTML page identical to your PSD design.
  • Widget ready WordPress theme as output.
  • Supports all Photoshop filters.
  • Supports all Photoshop layer blending options, layer effects, masks etc.
  • Supports smart objects and layer groups.
  • Generate unlimited WordPress themes.
  • Encoding support.


Download Divine

Download Divine

One Review

  1. RonJr says:

    Very nice. I have been needing something like this. I dont have the time to learn php and I am hoping that his works out for me.