Create Shutdown, Restart, Logoff Tiles in Windows 8 for Start Menu

by on May 13th, 2013


Create extra tiles in Windows 8 for Shutdown, Restart and Logoff controls.

In Windows 8, without a prominent Start button, shutting down or rebooting Windows can be a bit difficult for regular user. Users want to shut down or reboot Windows in just one click by an easily accessible button. Following script enables Windows 8 users to click on a tile to shut down, reboot or log off Windows from the Start menu screen.

Download following PowerShell Script to create a Shutdown ,Restart or Logoff Windows 8 tile for the Start menu.

How to Use it

Run the script in the Windows PowerShell Console, and type the following command at the prompt:


Import-Module <Script Path>

In detail:

Import-Module C:\Script\CreateWindowsTile.psm1

For above example you will have to create a folder named as ‘Scripts’ in C drive and place CreateWindowsTile.psm1 in it.

Type New-OSCWindowsTile command in the Windows PowerShell Console to create those extra tiles.

Refer to this video for help.

Download Script

Script to Create Windows Tile