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by on March 12th, 2008

Creating a quality resume is a difficult task. Keeping track of your various versions (web, doc, pdf, rtf, odt, txt) is a hassle. Once you have it all figured out, there’s the worry of formats, hard drive failure and viruses.

Emurse allows you to focus on what’s most important — writing quality content and selling yourself. You get a url like This online resume will be available in many popular formats i.e. doc, pdf, rtf, odt, html, txt and can be printed as well. RSS for your resume is also available. People can contact you via your resume and can send an email to you right from your resume. It can be password protected to save you from unwanted eyes.


When you first log into the site, you are presented with a list of your resumes and the last time they were updated. You’ll find a graph of the past week’s activity for your hosted resume web page, and a list of jobs that fit your location and skill set as well.

Creating and editing resumes in Emurse is really easy. Each resume is made up of sections of data – like Personal Information and Work Experience. Some of these sections can have multiple entries. Work Experience and Education are both examples that can handle multiple entries.

Once you’ve entered in some information, you can see a preview of what your resume looks like. You can change the resume style easily with a single click of the mouse.

Emurse is not just about simply creating resumes, it’s about helping you with your job hunt as well. We’ll help you distribute your resume directly from within the website. We’ll also keep track of where they’ve been sent and to whom. You can leave yourself notes and even set up reminder e-mails to help you follow up. We’ll even tell you when they received your e-mails.

Resumes should be seen, and we’ve got you covered there as well. In an instant, you can turn your resume into an attractive website with an easy to remember address with your own name. Afraid of your current employer or someone else finding your personal information? Simply add a password and protect your resume from unwanted eyes.

Sharing your resume on the web enables employers find you through search engines, easily download your resume in all formats, and always have the most recent copy. You can also integrate your download links into your blog.

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