Create Beautiful Facebook Covers Online from Instagram Photos

by on May 19th, 2013

Just accept that your Facebook cover photo is boring. Facebook covers are unique images for the cover of your Facebook timeline. You can select a prominent, boastful and big photo to place as a Facebook cover that appears at the top of page on your Facebook profile. If you can play with Adobe Photoshop, you can mix your favorite photos and create good looking Facebook covers for your Facebook profile but most users can not use Adobe Photoshop that well. So they are bound to select any image from their uploads, or they take an interesting image from other websites and use it as Facebook cover. That single image will be their Facebook cover but it is not personalized and its boring to have a single photo stick to the Facebook profile. Facebook profile cover reserves much space for it so it must be an interesting photo there that may inspire others or speak your mind or interests. One option is that, you can use Instagram photos to create an amazing Facebook cover for your profile page.

facebook instagram cover photo settings

facebook instagram cover photo preview

Instagram is a place where amazing and exceptional photos are being shared every time. You can use photos from your instagram account or from everybody else’s collection to create your Facebook cover.

Here are the steps to create Facebook cover online:

Create Facebook Cover Online

  • Go to
  • Login by using your Facebook account
  • Select target photos (by category, by tags)
  • Select order (new, popular, random)
  • Customize text, background and layout options
  • Preview and save the final cover photo to Facebook album

Specify your own Instagram photos simply by typing in your ID. You can also use public Instagram photos, selecting them by Category or Tag. You do NOT have to be a user of Instagram to create a cover with InstaCover.

There are various layout settings for Facebook cover, that you can select. Everything about InstaCover is easily customizable! Choose photo sizes, spacing and background colors. You can add your own text message, too. At the end you can get the preview of Facebook cover that you just created and save it from there or you can directly save it to your Facebook albums to use as a Facebook cover.

If you are not sure about what kind of photos should you search from instagram then you can browse and select photos from popular tags at the website. These tags will give you an idea about what kind of photos are present in that specific tag. There is a huge list of tags that are being used by users to filter photos from instagram for their Facebook cover. Following are few popular tags:

United States, America, cat, dog, sky, nature, cute, beach, girl, flower, baby, food, love, music, kitten, fashion, apple, Sunset, vintage, art, rainbow, rock, heart, iPhone, paris, travel, new york, Chocolate, guitar, geek, smile, anime, London, summer, photography, movies, friends, technology, star wars, Cars, Android, games, ocean, books, newyork, space, snow, Mac.

But you will have to go to the InstaCover website to browse photos under these tags. InstaCover is an easy to use website that can help you create amazing photo collages for Facebook cover. These photo collages are great way to share your interests and style on Facebook. Give it a try and you will love this tool.