Create Dynamic Display Picture Using Webcam for MSN Messenger – Yep! Your Own Face

by on October 7th, 2009

msn-animated-display-picNow you can actually show your friends and family what you are feeling using MSN Messenger. You can record your video and display it or create your dynamic display picture which can change automatically and randomly or you can set a particular picture displaying specific mood (happy, sad, bored, hurt, enjoying, disappointed etc.) as a display picture. It is very easy to do and have more fun then displaying carton display pictures.

  • Click your Display picture in MSN Messenger
  • Select Dynamic picture
  • The “Create a dynamic display picture” window will be displayed and if you have a webcam, you can create your own display pictures.
  • Select Record a video or Take a picture
  • When you click the button, your image will be automatically captured and applied to the emoticons. Have fun with different expressions that show the friends in your network how you’re feeling.
  • Click Done
  • When you’re happy with the results, click Done to save the images and start using them in your IMs.


One Review

  1. marc says:

    This all fair and well,, but how do you change the pictures to show friends etc..
    i took the pictures for each emotion ..
    but now i dont know how to change them :/