Corrupted USB Drive Recovery

by on October 29th, 2007

USB stopped working? It got detected by Windows and the driver got installed smoothly but when you tried to open it, it said that I should insert a disc into the drive.

recover usb drive

I have been thinking that USB drives were a reliable source of data storage. But today I learned that there is nothing called reliable in this digital world. You have to have your backup stored in multiple locations to save yourself from losses.

Now I had the data in my 1 GB usb drive. But it seemed that it had ruined itself. It was not even formatting. Now my concern was not the data but the USB drive itself. I did fix the USB drive but had no data in it. Now how did I fix it. Let me tell you.

I first reinstalled the driver but nothing happened with same results in hand. So I went to Right click My Computer –> Manage –> Disk Management. Fortunately the drive was showing there but it was not showing any file system in it, just the total amount of space left. I right clicked the removable drive and chose to Change Drive letter and paths. Then removed the already assigned drive letter, Right clicked the removable drive again and chose to partition the drive. Windows created a new partition on the usb drive, assigned the new drive letter and formatted the partition successfully. This saved my drive from ruining.

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  1. zara says:

    ..i did the tip above.. I went to Right click My Computer –> Manage –> Disk Management.But when i was their the E: is not their.what will i do?

  2. Kuldeep says:

    This may work if there logical corruption of file system, virus infection like AutoIT startup virus.
    If there is physical damage like flash memory going bad after a stressfull fall due to which there will be change in electronic property of the drive.
    Above trick will work for certain scenarios