Control System Running Processes and Opened Windows Easily

by on June 17th, 2009


Windows Seizer is a standalone portable freeware utility which lists all the windows and programs you have opened. Window Seizer then displays the detailed technical information for each window listed and related actions to perform.

  • Memory Usage
  • Window Handle
  • Class Name
  • Parent Handle
  • Window Visibility
  • Process ID
  • Status
  • Filename
  • Path
  • X Coordinate
  • Y Coordinate
  • Width
  • Height
Window Seizer Features
  • Task and window switching
  • Close All I.E. s
  • Close All Folders
  • Close Item
  • Standard close selected window
  • Close All
  • Kill Window
  • Move to 1,1
  • Show Desktop
  • Hide Window
  • By Handle
  • Window By Handle Dialog
  • Show Desktop
  • Show Hidden and Show Blank Captions

My favorite feature in it is “close all I.E.s“. In my opinion there must have been a button labeled “Erase all I.E.s from planet earth” or atleast “Make sure that I.E. is way beyond your reach“. Okay no offense but you already might know that I am a web developer.

Download Windows Seizer

Download Windows Seizer