Configure and Use Joystick for MAME Powered Games

by on November 1st, 2010

configure joystick mame game

Lots of time we have been questioned about how to use joystick with MAME emulator or games powered by MAME. Imagine if you are playing your favorite classic game and are about to hit a particular milestone you struggled hard for but unluckily pressed ‘Windows’ key. It can happen when you are playing with older version of MAME using Ctrl and Alt keys of your keyboard. Right in between these keys there is ‘Windows’ key which will bring start menu in front of you and minimize the game. Result is power loss of life failure. Here we will answer that question about how to configure your joystick with MAME so that you may enjoy the full gaming experience. Of course it comfortable to use joystick rather than keyboard arrow keys while hitting combos.

Configure JoyStick for MAME to Play Games

Plug your joystick in PC.
Start the emulator (mamepgui exe or Mame).
Start the game.
Hit Tab key.
Select ‘Input (this Game)‘.

configure joystick mame game

You will get whole lots of controls to configure as in the top screenshot of this page.
Just hit enter on any control and move joystick or press buttons to configure it.
After you are done select ‘Return to the Prior Menu’.
and then ‘Return to the Game’.

That’s it.