Configure Facebook Privacy Settings the Right Way – Tips

by on March 25th, 2010

FaceBook is the most popular no.1 website people like to use today. I just ignored Google intentionally here because I am talking about social websites (Now don’t get mad at me on this one – I am not saying that Google is not social enough). At FaceBook people can have anything and can do everything. Uploading videos, watch videos and photos, tag people, make friends, comment, write notes, connect with people (even creepy strangers) and friends, promote business, have fun, hang around, chat and more…You name it! FaceBook has got it. That makes FaceBook the most popular website at the planet people like to use because they find everything at single place. What everybody should know is this “If FaceBook is the most popular site, then its most vulnerable too.” Attackers and spammers are also using this service everyday and identity theft, hacks are also happening everytime. The major thing you should keep in mind is ‘You are responsible and in control what you share at FaceBook! and who you share with!’. If you have never given detailed look to your FaceBook privacy settings page and options then its time you learn deeply about how privacy settings work at FaceBook. Here is a very good video which will tell you everything about how to be safe and use FaceBook privacy settings the right way.

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