Compress Video to Small Size Without Losing its High Quality

by on December 7th, 2009

Have you ever encountered problem in compressing videos where you wanted the quality of video to be the same while size to be reduced? I have many High Quality AVI and more videos (Ah! Good Old Stage6.Divx times…). I have been experimenting with the videos. If some video is in lets say – size of 80 MB and you want it to be 20 MB or so but you do not want to loose the quality of the video then here is the solution.

Compress Video without losing Quality

You need K-Lite Codec Mega Pack installed in your PC and then you need VirtualDub.

Make sure K-Lite Codec Mega Pack is installed. Open required video in VirtualDub.


Select ‘compression’ from video menu.


Select Xvid MPEG-4 Codec from the list.


Now in VirtualDub select ‘save as’ from File menu. Just save as that video and that’s it.

The VirtualDub will compress the size of video but the quality of video will be the same. The VirtualDub supports batch file processing also so you can queue a bundle of files and compress them. You can try different codec compression as well.

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  1. Leiif says:

    Finally got this to work. Be sure and change the name of the file (add -v-d or something) so that VirtualDub doesn’t try and overwrite. It wouldn’t overwrite for me but with a slight name change all seems to be working. Went from a 347MB avi to a 103MB avi. The quality is just as good also. Thanks

  2. Bishop says:

    I tried compressing an avi file using the xvid MPEG4-codec , the saved file was about 5 mb smaller,but the picture was pixelated .I was not happy with final result.Is there a way to shrink the video but not have the saved video looking blocky as mine was?

  3. Wacker says:

    Hey is there any way to compress a movie file so it is a smaller file size and put it on my iPod Touch and watch it, and if possible because it is smaller size could i put more movies on my iPod than normally????? help please i have a ton of movies and i want to put them all on my iPod but i can’t


  4. Jaihindh says:

    Hi guys i need to compress a 100 mb vid in mp4 so that i can upload easily in youtube. Please suggest me.

  5. MAK1994 says:

    well the easy answer is that u will first need to convert it to a video format and by way MPEG2 is not a video format

    well lets take a video format use AVS converter 6 and convert any video format supported to VP7 and u can further edit it to TWO PASS FIRST PASS but thats not the matter concerned

    so AVS video converter 6 can outmatch VIRTUAL DUB as it can convert any file which is not supported by VIRTUAL DUB so happy compressing

  6. Gary Stanullwich says:

    What if I don’t have AVI file s?
    I want to compress mpg file to fit on a DVD disk. Preferrably in mpg2 format.
    Gary Stanullwich

  7. MAK1994 says:

    hey dude nice tut here but wanted to tell u there is a even better compression by using the vp70 general profile and configure it to two pass 1st pass
    it will give u an even smaller file size and it can help u to increase quality well to increase quality is a bit difficult (increase is by 50%) but it does not reduce the original quality at all.

    to play the file just download QVOD player and u shud have the vp7 codec on the pc
    happy compressing