Compress Single Large File into Multiple RAR or Zip Files in A Fly

by on October 23rd, 2009

Consider the case when you have a single large file and you have to transfer it via low capacity USB drive to another PC. You can not transfer it in one go. So you need to break it down into parts. So that one by one you can transfer its parts and after that join those parts back into single file after transfer. That file can be a video file, audio file, psd file or anything. If you download/upload at rapidshare then you know it is necessary sometimes to break big size file into small pieces/parts to transfer it somewhere. These parts can be joined later on for use. Recently I had to transfer a large file via USB device to another PC. Available resources included a File which was of 3GB and it needed to be transferred and I had 1GB size of USB device. Here is what I did.


WINRAR software is very commonly used compression application. You can simply split a single big file using it and convert (compress) it into little parts or rar files. As mentioned in the image above, just compress that file and use the option ‘Split to volumes, bytes‘. Type there file size of each part you want in bytes. Use Bytes Converter to convert Megabytes into bytes according to your need. The size you will put in that box will be determined for each part and WINRAR will compress the file and give you RAR files (filename-part1.rar, filename-part2.rar). You can transfer now these parts to another PC one by one. After transferring these, just right click at the first part and select extract here option. WINRAR will join these parts and give you single big file you wanted to transfer.

This method described how to compress and split file into rar files and then how to join these parts back and extract back into single file. There are some cases when the files are not rar parts. These can be file-name.001, file-name.002, file-name.003 and so on. In this case we use another program to join or unjoin these in such pattern. See HJSplit for this.