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by on October 18th, 2009


Google has PayPerClick, but there is just so much more to advertising aside from PPC. There are dozens and dozens of online advertising methods and strategies. Advertisement solutions for website or blog to earn money are more than many many many… Do you know that the service you are using to display ads at your website is charging you and you do not get 100% of what you earn? You get some percentage (In some cases you do not know exactly how much percentage they cut off) of what your website earn. That means you are not just earning for yourself, but actually you are making their fortune. That is – You Struggle; They Earn – and give you a small percentage of total earning. All other (real earning) goes to their pockets in shape of commission. Here is a solution for those webmasters/ bloggers who want to earn 100% from their website and want to make sure they get maximum benefit of full earning potential of their website. There are advertisement solutions which give you all what you have earned via your website and do not charge you any percentage for the services they provide. Say hello to Commission Free Advertisement Solution for your website…in which you keep it all what you’ve earned.

Adumo help publishers create more revenue from their properties along with ad banners, and best of all – its commission free. A true advertising marketplace where you can buy, sell and manage all your advertising…commision free. You will never pay commissions to them, ever. If an advertising networks job is to help publishers make as much money as possible then why there should be commission involved? So the 25% – 40% in commissions your currently paying…not anymore. It’s your money, Adumo wants you to keep it.

For Publishers its easy to sell ad spots? Click “Help me sell this” in your publisher panel, and they will sell it for you. That simple. Adumo is a place where advertisers can take care of all there advertising campaigns in one place and one transaction. A place where publishers don’t have to pay anymore commissions or any type of transaction fees, and where they can save thousands and make thousands more by monetizing their sites revenue.

Publishers – stop paying commissions, without losing ad dollars.

Advertisers – stop making your job harder, do it all on one platform.

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