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by on December 19th, 2008

Yesterday my office computer Windows Software was updated but I could not find the right version of Windows Audio Drivers for its Mainboard version. Obviously you have to look for mainboard model information to get the right drivers for VGA or Sound. I did not wanted to open up my PC hardware. Adeel (colleague) helped me out in finding Mainboard model using CPU-Z. CPU-Z collects important information about your PC and displays these to you. Obviously once you know the Mainboard model and number then you can get its VGA and Sound drivers from relevant website (vendor).

CPU-Z is a freeware that gathers information on some of the main devices of your system.

  • CPU Name and number.
  • CPU Core stepping and process.
  • CPU Package.
  • CPU Core voltage.
  • CPU Internal and external clocks, clock multiplier.
  • CPU Supported instructions sets.
  • CPU Cache information.
  • Mainboard Vendor, model and revision.
  • Mainboard BIOS model and date.
  • Mainboard Chipset (northbridge and southbridge) and sensor.
  • Mainboard Graphic interface.
  • Memory Frequency and timings.
  • Memory Module(s) specification using SPD (Serial Presence Detect) : vendor, serial number, timings table.
  • System Windows and DirectX version.


Supported Hardware


Intel® Pentium™, Pentium™ MMX, Pentium™ Pro, Pentium™ II, Pentium™ !!!, Pentium™ !!!-M, Pentium™ 4, Pentium™ 4-M, Pentium™ M, Pentium™ D, Pentium™ XE, Pentium™ Dual Core, Core™ Solo, Core™ Duo, Core™ 2 Duo, Core™ 2 Quad, Core™ 2 Extreme, Celeron™ (P2/P3/P4/PM/CL) and Xeon™ (P2/P3/P4/C2D/C2Q) ; Core™ i7 ; Itanium™, Itanium™ 2 ; AMD® Am5x86, K5™, Geode LX, K6™, K6™-2, K6™-III, K6™-2+, K6™-III+, Athlon™ (4, XP, MP), Duron™, Sempron™ (K7/K8), Athlon™ 64, Athlon™ 64 X2, Turion™, Opteron™, Athlon™ FX, Phenom™ ; VIA® C3™ (Samuel, Samuel2, Ezra, Ezra-T, Nehemiah), C7™, C7™-M, Nano (Isaiah) ; Transmeta® Crusoë™ TM3200, TM5400, TM5500, TM5600, TM5800


Intel® i430TX, i440LX, i440FX, i440BX/ZX, i810/E, i815/E/EP/EM, i840, i845, i845E, i845G, i850/E, i845PE/GE, E7205, E7500, E7520, i852, i855, i865P/PE/G, i875P, i915P/G, i915PM/GM, i925X/XE, i945P/PL/G/GZ, i945PM/GM/GT, i955X/XE, P965, Q965, G965, GL960/GM965/PM965, i975X, 5000X/P/Z, 5400A/B, P35, G33, G31, Q35, Q33, X38, Q45, X48, P45, X58 ; VIA® Apollo VP3, Apollo Pro, Apollo Pro +, Apollo Pro 266, KX133, KT133(A), KT266(A), KT400(A), KT600, P4X266(A), PT880, PT880 Pro, K8T800, K8T890, K8T900, P4M800CE, P4M890, P4M900, CX700/VX700 ; NVIDIA® nForce, nForce2, nForce3, nForce4, nForce4 SLI Intel Edition, GeForce 6100/6150 (nForce 410/430), nForce 520/550/560/570/590, GeForce 7050/7100/7150, 650i, 680i, 750a/780a, 750i, 7770i, 780i, 790i, MCP79/7A ; ATi® RS350, RS400, RS480/RX480, RS482, RD580/RX580, RS600/RD600, RS690, RS700, RD790 ; SiS® 645, 645DX, 648, 648FX, 649, 655FX, 655TX, 656, 662, 735, 756, 761GX, 760, 760GX, 755, 755FX, 741, 741GX, 671/FX/DX/MX ; AMD® AM-751, AM-761, AM-762 (760MP), 780G, 790GX


SDR, DDR, DDR2, FB-DDR2, DDR3, RDRAM (Rambus®) ; EPP and XMP extended profiles

Also try SIW (Advanced System Information Utility).

Download CPU-Z

Download CPU-Z

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    My computer worked slowly, many errors. Help me, please to fix errors on my PC.
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    nice stuff. Informative. Hardware related people can get benefit from this software.

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    Nice, software. I forget my main board model number always. Great software mate.