Claim Windows Classic Style in Windows Vista

by on April 13th, 2009


I do not know why you will be needing this. If you have Windows Vista, you will have fast PC too. And your Windows Vista choice indicates your appreciation for cool visual effects. But still developers may want to reduce visual resources to maximize performance potential for Windows Vista. So here it is. Old school! You can choose to disable Windows Aero or Windows Vista Style appearance for windows and use classic look for all windows or applications (classic skin).


  • Right click at desktop
  • Choose personalize
  • Select first option “Window color and appearance”
  • You will see color styles of windows to choose from default to graphite and to frost
  • Look at the last link down there beneath ‘show color mixer’
  • “Open classic appearance properties for more color options”
  • Select that
  • There are your old appearance settings
  • Choose ‘Windows standard’ or ‘Windows classic’
  • click ‘apply’ and ‘ok’
  • You are done