Chinese Chess Soul Giveaway Winners

by on September 1st, 2012

We posted 20 License keys giveaway for Chinese Chess Soul PC game on August 17th, 2012. Chinese Chess Soul is a Chinese traditional game that is also called as xiangqi. Only six people showed their interest in this giveaway. May be, because of the nature of the game as it has little bit different rules than normal chess. The message I want to convey to my readers is that we should try different things. Its a very beautiful game, although looks like tough to understand. When I learned chess, it was very difficult for me to keep in mind various moves and pieces. When I got beaten by opponent in chess, I felt it really annoying, but when my thinking developed for chess strategy, I started to enjoy it. So its good to try different things. We are announcing the 6 winners.

  • yfyl
  • KaushikM12
  • Angel V
  • Todd
  • Ivan

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One Review

  1. Angel V says:

    License received! Thank you!