Check Higher Page Rank Sites/Posts Linking to Your Website

by on August 5th, 2009

You can easily check backlinks for your website or blog. Backlinks cast a vote to your website. Page rank is the popularity or authority of any specific page over internet. If you do search engine optimization or you are a webmaster and want to know how powerful your backlinks or inbound links are then this tool is designed for this task. It will display your backlinks and their page rank strength. This is how you can calculate real worth of your website.

Find the PageRank of your backlinks! This tool shows you how strong your backlinks are so that you may know how effective your link-building strategy is being a webmaster or a search engine optimizer.

smart-page-rank backlinks strength checker

Calculate strength of your backlinks

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  1. Rajj says:

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  2. Sergey says:

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