How Many Characters You Should Use for Strong Password

by on March 25th, 2010

Password complexity is important because it makes password strong. A strong password takes 1.8 million years to be hacked if hacker use brute force attacks. For brute force attacks, assuming 10,000 password attempts per second, the length and character set of the passwords can make a big difference. You should use atleast 9 characters long password containing uppercase, lowercase, digits and punctuation. That password will be so strong that it can not be hacked in one million years of continuous brute force attempts according to the following table.

  Lower Case (26 letters) Uppercase, Lower, Digits (62 characters) Uppercase, Lower, Digits, Punctuation (62 characters)
Length = 5 characters 19 minutes 1 day 8 days
Length = 6 characters 18 hours 65 days 2 years
Length = 7 characters 9 days 11 years 200 years
Length = 8 characters 241 days 692 years 19,000 years
Length = 9 characters 17 years 42,000 years 1.8 million years (STRONG)

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