Keep Up With Changing Technology

by on July 26th, 2011

You only need to be from the last generation to remember what life was like without all the technology we have now! Telephones with dialing pads, for example. Or written mail for that matter! In those days we all had pen pals to whom we wrote actual, hand written letters, that we stuck in an envelope onto which we attached a stamp. Those were the days! Technology develops though, and it is impossible to say it did this slowly but surely. In fact, it seems to have snowballed…

New Technologies

Not too long ago, the only entertainment available in households was a radio (and not a DAB one!). Some time after that, the lucky few were able to have a television, black and white of course. This turned into a color TV, then the remote control function was added (remember when remotes were attached to the telly by a wire?), then came the flat screens, the HD ready televisions and now even 3D!

And what about telephones? From operator-led phones (where someone else had to connect you, basically) to the minuscule mobile phones we have today. It’s not that long ago that we were perfectly ok with not being able to be reached at all times of the day. Some of us, who felt slightly more important, had an answering machine, but that was about all.

Mail, of course, has also developed. From the Pony Express (ok, this is a really long time ago!), to telegraphs, letters and faxing and now, of course, email.

What Has Stayed The Same?

In essence, all of it has stayed the same: it provides a form of entertainment or communication. Although the technology of televisions has changed greatly, it is still our inherent desire to watch other people’s lives or stories. Telephones have greatly changed, but they still serve the same basic function of enabling us to be in touch with each other.

The same goes for mail. The essential issue is that we try to write down information and pass this on to another person. In fact, the fax was so popular that it is still used in most businesses today. However, many private people do not own fax machines anymore, and two technologies have now been combined and it is possible to send a fax online. And it is easy enough to see what the best online fax service is.

Basically, instead of sending a real piece of paper that you have written on, you will need to create a document or image file and upload it. There are many file hosting websites available where you can store any of the documents or files you create. You will then be able to send them to the online fax server you have chosen and send the document. A perfect combination of the current technology and somewhat older technology!

So as Bob Dylan sang “the times, they are ‘a changing”, however, certain things will always stay the same. Human beings want to communicate and we are basically developing ever more clever ways to facilitate this need.

Author: Ajeet Khurana, the author, is a tech enthusiast and blogs at TechnoZeast, TechnoTropis, and TechFume.