Change the Explorer Toolbar Background

by on April 27th, 2009



To change the toolbar background in Internet explorer and Windows explorer you will have to add some registry value.
Go to start > type regedit > hit enter, Browse the following location:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Toolbar\


Create a new string value called BackBitmap and type in a path to a bitmap (remember “a BITMAP”, not the jpg or gif),
This did not work for me, I tried using ‘double slashes’,
and it worked.

You can place the image anywhere in hard disk. You have to know the path just. Use big image. Preferably 1600X200 pixels.

Cool eh! I have used Windows 7 Wallpaper as a background for my explorer and Internet explorer. It will not stretch or squeeze. It will show up the top part of the image as much as it needs. Okay now I remember I had used in the past hotbar for changing explorer background image. That tool had lot of pre-made free backgrounds. Looks like now there is Platrium instead of hotbar. Cool stuff. But I can do it this way by myself rather then installing a software and giving my explorer trouble to bear third party software load.

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  1. chico says:

    any thoughts on how to do this with the IE8 Menu Bar (manually through the registry)?