How to Change Recycle Bin Name

by on July 1st, 2008

Best part about windows is; you can change, customize or modify whatever you like to. Cool. eh! For now lets see how we can change windows desktop Recycle Bin icon’s name. We can do it via registry editor by changing a value.


Go to start
Click Run
write regedit
Hit Enter
Registry editor will be opened
See its menu; file, edit, view, favorites, help
Click at edit and then find or just press Ctrl+F
Find box will be opened
write Recycle Bin in it
Hit F3 and find next entry or just click at next button at find box
Compare the values as described in picture below in here and find the same
When you find written, Recycle Bin there; click at that
Modify its name (lets say; Deleted Files)
Hit Enter
Refresh Registry Editor
Close it
Refresh your desktop
There you are
You have just changed your Recycle Bin’s name into Deleted Files

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  1. Nawal habib says:

    Thank u.i hav provided my e-mail id pls send such tricks for me ……,…….pls….

  2. sunny says:

    thanks …………………u r very good in computers …how can we change name of start ….thanks again