CGI Complete Website Search Script

by on April 9th, 2008

Here is the CGI script for complete website search. It searches all static pages and text in given pages. Great script, it you have static website and just want to add a ready to use thorough search of your website. Author information of this script is in downloadable files.



Just edit these variables in pl file, upload it and make sure to set its CHMOD to 755.
As below
@ files contains ‘*.html’ and
additional old/ and javed/ tells script to search from those directories too.
This script searches text from html files.

$basedir = ‘/home/javedkh/public_html/’;
$baseurl = ‘’;
@files = (‘old/’,’javed/’,’*.html’);
$title = “Tech Mynd”;
$title_url = ‘’;
$search_url = ‘’;

Download Script

Download Full Script With Instructions