Celebrating 500 Happy Guests for 2010

by on August 20th, 2010

500 happy guests from techmynd

TechMynd was originally supposed to be TechMind but you know, all wishes can’t come true. So it became TechMynd and will be TechMynd. It started as a log of my computer activities and interests. As time passed by, it grew and I added some of my favorite free software in it and then games came along. I liked to play with the computer (software/ hardware) settings to make it work my way, so I added my favorite computer tips in it. Then TechMynd attracted some guests who gave us company and came with us. Our guests have been asking stuff from us. Games, computer tips, software, computer solution etc.

We started to try and help guests. Since 2008, we stopped working for only us, and started writing for users and guests to provide them stuff they needed. We have roughly calculated and we found this number more than 500 for year 2010. Now then we have made more than 500 guests happy in 2010 by providing them what they needed in the form of games, software, tips and solution – we are celebrating this achievement. We feel very excited about it.

We have provided 500 guests what they wanted via TechMynd this year till now. At this event we are asking something from you. TechMynd has grown to be a community and a channel. Its for you. If you have any problem or request related to PC, Games, Software, Computer Hardware, Windows, Social Web or Internet then don’t hesitate – tell us. Comment anywhere at TechMynd articles or use contact page. We will be happy to help. After all this is the purpose of TechMynd. This is why we are here. We are here to help create a better Life which involves Computer, Web and Internet.

We thank every guest at TechMynd for helping us achieve this milestone.