Create extra tiles in Windows 8 for Shutdown, Restart and Logoff controls.

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Microsoft’s unreleased new operating system, Windows 8, has recently leaked onto the Internet. According to build number 7989, the next generation of Windows operating systems is poised to tap into the tablet market, a field left so far untouched by Microsoft.

Although Windows has had a virtual keyboard since ancient days, this unreleased OS has revolutionized the look and feel of it, making it touch friendly, and ultimately tablet friendly. Moreover,  the new on-screen keyboard will also come with a split options, effectively cutting the keyboard in half and pushing each halves to their respective edge.

The Win 8 Keyboard will also incorporate support for emoticons as well as feedback sounds similar to those heard on Windows Phone OS.

Windows 8 Keyboard

Another feature discovered hidden in the code for the build was a type of per-feature licensing, which leads us to believe that Microsoft might consider offering users a basic version of the OS and prompting them to buy new features. This approach is very similar to Apple’s built method of supplying the iPhone with basic software, but marketing the App Store.

An interresting discovery made by Redmond Pie in the 7989 build was, strangely enough, support for SMS (Short Message Service), a service usually used in mobile communications. Most likely present for the tablets, SMS enabled Windows 8-based slates would allow users to directly send text messages. Another worth mentioning feature discovered would be the geo-location ability, supposedly intended to automatically detect a user’s time zone.

However, besides the many new features to be soon added to Windows 8, Microsoft’s ambiguous statements have frustrated many developers. While accustomed to using Visual Basic, .Net and Silverlight, programmers were baffled by certain comments stating that the only tools used to develop applications would be HTML 5 and JavaScript.





by on December 17th, 2009

not responding solution - kill hanged programs

If you use windows then surely you encounter ‘Not Responding’ problem often. Many programs go not responding due to a number of known and unknown reasons. Well you see a significant amount of time after which windows recovers from Not Responding problem and comes back to its senses. Whether some program or software hangs and windows browser freezes for a while. Normally that software is sent a command to kill itself. Surely every windows user hate when something goes not responding and wants to kill that app of waiting time which hangs. Here is the solution to that problem. Use this trick which is a windows registry hack and you will see ‘Not Responding’ never again.

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It’s a painful install since Microsoft provides no direct upgrade path, but here is a video showing you how to upgrade Windows XP to Windows 7.

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This video tutorial shows you how to create a hidden folder in Windows XP. Do you have something to hide from view? Hold down the ALT key and using the Number Pad (not the numbers where the special characters are) press 0160 for a blank folder name. In order to delete the folder you’ll need to rename it in a command prompt by typing: ren ” ” foldername That’s not a space in between the quotes. You need to press ALT+0160. First we hide the name of folder and then we will hide the folder icon in a very easy way. The folder will be there, it will be hidden. Its invisible folder.

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I say that Windows 98 and Windows XP were a piece of art. After listening to this music which has been created by just using sound files present in Windows 98 and Windows XP, you will admit that too. Only just that, Microsoft could have do it better.

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by on December 15th, 2009

Neo is all powerful, right. What if the operating system behind the Matrix were Windows XP? If it hangs a lot, then sometimes it can save Neo’s life as well. But how then he can come out of the Matrix? This is a really funny hilarious video of Matrix XP. I liked the part best where Neo gets the whole cake all over his face. Enjoy!

P.S. You won’t get any idea about what’s going on if you haven’t seen the movie Matrix yet.

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This is a Windows XP Tweak video tutorial. Make Windows XP bootup faster with a quick registry tweak. The StartupDelay Controls the time delay after a system startup before Indexing Service. This tweak does not disable anything, it just removes the unnecessary wait time.

Navigate and expand in the registry.

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