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User Account Control (UAC) is a new security component in Windows Vista. If you’ve used Windows Vista for more than 3 minutes, you know what UAC (User Account Control) is. Ever tried to install a software at Windows Vista but it prompts the following:

If you started this action, continue
User Account Control stops unauthorized changes to your computer, If you started this program then continue

You can disable annoying need your permission to continue prompts in windows vista. Seriously it has nothing to do with the security. Its just annoying. I mean there should be a prompt for any dangerous action of program but usually Windows Vista tend to alert before any installation of programs with these kind of messages. We can get rid of this message easily. There are number of way to do that including disabling via control panel, group policy editor, registry editor, msconfig and more…

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PC Fixer is a free robust dynamically growing platform for all of your computer support means. The system provides instant repairs to many of the common ailments that clog your PCs.

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I had been thinking about to post something related to Vista Master and Vista Visual Master after using these tools. People complain a lot about Vista performance. In TechMynd’s opinion people just did not accept Vista as they accepted Windows XP. If you optimize Windows Vista for best performance, shutdown unnecessary services and tweak a little bit, then it is an amazing operating system which is graphically rich also. Now because the interface changed a lot for Windows Vista. Users remained unable to optimize its different aspects as they used to do it for Windows XP. You should not complain about its heavy file size of installation package because Hard Disks Drives have been expanding a lot. I want to share two softwares with you which can optimize almost every aspect of Windows Vista in a breeze. You do not have to go to registry or tweak any file manually. Developers experienced a lot about users, as they explored and tweaked Windows XP. Now these two softwares will tweak every essential aspect of Vista from disabling unnecessary services to changing logon screens and from optimizing PC for best Windows Vista experience to improving internet speed for Windows Vista.

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by on April 12th, 2009


Transform Windows Vista into Ubuntu. This transformation pack doesn’t change your windows vista fully to Ubuntu but somewhat creates a resembling atmosphere to that of Ubuntu.

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There are many ways to Transform Windows Vista Into MAC OS X. You can change different aspects of Vista into MAC manually or you can use safe choices e.g. some right installer.

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Windows Vista can be tricky to optimize for best performance after Windows Xp. In Windows Vista, there are a lot of modifications for panels and components. Customization, manual tweaking, registry tweaks may result in performance problems, security risks or system crash. Developers usually try to optimize OS for best performance rather then look and feel. Tweak Windows Vista’s services in an easy and a safe way with Windows Vista Optimizer.

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This is how you create a bootable Vista Ultimate Upgrade DVD.

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There are many ways to break down windows password. I have mentioned some method related to earlier SAM files in windows and of course there is a way to use LIVE version of any appropriate operating system to enter in the system.

If you care to purchase some software for that then I can recommend you a very useful software which does exactly that and without any hassle or loss.

If you can’t Login To Windows? Locked Out? Forgot Your Password?
There is just One Step – No Hassle Solution! by Windows Geeks.

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