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While using Microsoft Windows its not unusual for any program / software go Not Responding. Next thing you have to do is to wait for it to respond but the fact is, it never goes responsive again and you have to terminate that program. You have to press Ctrl+Alt+Delete for Windows Task Manager and go to applications or processes and right click > end task that program to terminate it. Sometimes more then just one program can appear not responding at the same time. To save time you can create a batch file using only notepad for killing all the not responding programs at once. Here it is how:

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by on October 31st, 2007

tun-off-miniterWhy PressĀ Button To Turn Off Your Monitor? Create Monitor Turn Off Shortcut Button right at your desktop to do the task. On Mouse Move or pressing any key (any key means any one of buttons at your keyboard) monitor will be back to life. You have to just follow the instructions.

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