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full charged ios

Recently Apple pushed iOS 7.1 that contained few important updates and bug fixes. After users updated to iOS 7.1, many of them faced poor battery performance and complains were seen on Twitter, Facebook and several other places. One person even said that iPhone power was drained in only 4 hours while only listening to the music. We have previously posted solution to solve poor battery performance for iPhone or iPad. Here is another complete list, tweaks, tips that can save a lot of battery power. The trick here is to disable all useless or useful iOS features that you do not need on your iPhone or iPad. You can always turn on those features whenever you need later. Such features include animations and effects, notifications, locations services and more.

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After updating iOS to the latest version iOS 7.1 on iDevices, few users have complained that they have experienced poor battery performance and it drains quickly than before. Did you also feel that your iDevice battery is performing poorly after you installed the iOS 7.1 update onto your iPhone or iPad? Here are few tips that can be tried to solve this issue.

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by on March 15th, 2014

iphone 6 Concept

Leaked product photos can serve as an ad to create hype for the company or it can be a trick to misguide competitors. Leakes have become more than usual now anyways. Here are few leaked photos of coming iPhone 6 (both models), iOS 8 and also included are concept photos of iPhone 6 based on leaked photos.

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Apple has released the new iOS 7 that includes completely new design and a lot more functionality for iDevices. You can download iOS 7 now and upgrade your iOS on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. We have included the links to download iOS 7 below but before you upgrade, back up your data. You obviously do not want your pictures, music and other files wiped along the process of upgrading iOS. First step you want to take before you upgrade, is to take backup of all your data from your iDevice. You can do so by using iCloud, iTunes, iTools or iFunBox. iCloud provides small free space and its cloud based backup. If you do not want to take backup in the cloud or you have large amount of data then you can take local backup in your PC by using iTunes or other two tools mentioned above.

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by on September 11th, 2013

iphone 5c

Apple released iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S and both can be ordered this month. iPhone 5C can be ordered after September 13 from Apple store. But why the Apple iPhone 5C when there is iPhone 5S? Because Apple wants to serve even more customers. Tim Cook said that the business has become so large that Apple is replacing iPhone 5 with iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S and they have kept the iPhone 4. They updated the iPhone 5 into iPhone 5S and introduced a low-cost iPhone 5C because of current demanding market. iPhone 5C will help Apple to attract a wider range of consumers because the broader the price range you can present to the market, the more people you are going to get.

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by on September 10th, 2013

iphone 5c, iphone 5s

Recently today, Apple store was unavailable and now its back with the new Apple iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S that you can order this month. You can order iPhone 5C after September 13 and iPhone 5S after September 20. Prices are different. iPhone 5C is starting from $99 and iPhone 5S starts from $199.

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Its a recently discovered known security issue in iOS6 that can enable you to bypass iPhone lock screen without having to enter the actual password. This is useful in case you forgot your iPhone password but its a serious issue if your iPhone gets to the wrong hands.

No operating system / code is free of bugs completely. It takes time for software developers to figure out and answer those bugs. And when these known bugs are answered, someone finds out another security loop hole in the system. Then software has to be updated to the new version. Story is same for the Apple iOS. iPhone4 users faced unexpected battery drainage. iOS devices also have issues with setting automatic brightness levels. Problem in network signal was reported a while back. Now new issues in iOS6 have been reported by Apple users. Here is the trick that can bypass the iPhone lock screen on iOS6 and access iPhone contacts.

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Evasi0n (available for Linux, MAC and Windows) can perform an untethered jailbreak for all iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and iPad mini models running iOS 6.0 through 6.1. The process is really simple and neat. You need to download this software, plugin your device into PC and start this software and wait. In the middle you need to tap an icon in your idevice and that’s it. Jailbreak will be done and Cydia will be installed in 2 to 5 minutes.

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