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by on June 10th, 2009

Windows XP is a much better experience it you customize it according to your personal usage needs. There are many Tips and Tricks involving registry edits or tweaking some options a bit to get Windows work smarter and faster in an efficient manner. Here are very essential tips every Windows user should know to get the best from Windows and spending time in other creative stuff.

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If you see carefully, at above screenshot, you will observe Windows XP tooltop for taskbar items with and without visual detail. You can enable Windows vista style thumbnail tooltip for items minimized in taskbar for Windows XP using Visual Task Tip.

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by on April 12th, 2009


Transform Windows Vista into Ubuntu. This transformation pack doesn’t change your windows vista fully to Ubuntu but somewhat creates a resembling atmosphere to that of Ubuntu.

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There are many ways to Transform Windows Vista Into MAC OS X. You can change different aspects of Vista into MAC manually or you can use safe choices e.g. some right installer.

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Transform Windows XP into Fedora Linux style.

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There are many transformation packs to transform Windows into Windows 7. Many stylists/programmers/geeks have posted custom methods about changing different components of Windows Xp into Windows 7. I will mention some of the popular working methods and downloads for transforming Windows XP into Windows 7. Installation instructions will come with transformation pack.

Windows 7 Transformation Pack

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Transform Windows XP into Vista. Before using Windows Vista, why not try its look and feel at Windows XP? There are many many Transformation packs available with a little bit (visual) difference from each other. Just download which you like and install it away. I have many to refer to. But use just one.

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