by on August 13th, 2010

new flickr

Technology would be dead if it remains the same over time. With time we are facing new challenges. Requirements are changing. Things would and should not be the same after 5 years, as these are now. Everything is evolving. Okay! I just saw Flickr and Gmail updates and sharing these with you.

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by on April 13th, 2010

There are two major sites among all, you can trust for your photo, art sharing and storing needs. DeviantArt and Flickr. Both sites are here like forever. DeviantArt is more old. Both have free (and not free) and pretty photos. What is the difference between their services, history and features?

DeviantArt emerged in 2000 but Flickr emerged in 2004. Flickr is a revolution in photo storage, sharing and organization, making photo management an easy, natural and collaborative process. You can get comments, notes, and tags on your photos, post to any blog, share and more at Flickr. DeviantART was wholly owned by DMusic Network, LLC, and then Lynx Technology Group, LLC. A gentleman by the name of Michael Ovitz (former President of the Walt Disney Company. Founder of the Creative Artists Agency and a Hollywood legend to boot.) was the owner of all three of these companies. DeviantART was nearly shut down before it reached its first birthday but was saved by third co-founder.

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By default photos at Flickr, equal or less in width than 500 can not be saved directly to PC using right click save option. A default image spaceball.gif is saved every time when somebody tries to save the photo. If a photo is available in more resolution options then it will have a little zoom icon over it which points to its other resolution options so you can simply click at the that and view enlarged image and save it. Here is how you can save the Flickr Photo which gives you spaceball gif.

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Flickr is the best solution for photo sharing medium. It has helped photographers and every other user to manage and share their photos very well. While we have a good Flickr uploader to upload photos as shown below:


How about if you want some more ease while uploading at Flickr? You might want to customize upload size, licence info, photoset selection, privacy control, tags and more controls such as batch editing of photos before hitting upload button. Allow me to share 10 best free apps for uploading at Flickr for Windows, Linux and MAC.

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