I do not use torrents or p2p (e.g. Lime Wire) because I do not enjoy unlimited and high bandwidth internet speed most of the time but I try them for sure to know how these work and what is out there behind these communities/secret sharing giants. I have tried BT which was a boring blacknGrey client with not enough tools to bear the user’s quest, searching and downloading speed. Now a days users are pros. The people behind the PCs who search for videos, HD, HQ, Movies, Music, pre-releases or beta heavy softwares and more are really super active. They search with speed, quickly find and try to download multiple streams of files. And they want anything and everything. Limewire has got facility to search and download stuff with ease and in a user friendly way. There are a lot of Torrent users. I am gonna share a brilliant Bit Torrent client which will revolutionized your Torrent experience and life.

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