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You might have been using Google Analytics, Crazy Egg or any other third party tools to track your blog traffic. Now Blogger has got built-in stats. The Blogger Stats monitors and analyzes blog visitor traffic in real time. You can see which posts are getting the most visits and which sites are sending traffic to your blog right now. For example, if a reader shares one of your blog posts on Twitter and the post is getting lots of clicks, you will see a traffic increase in Blogger Stats almost instantly, with the particular Tweet mentioning your post being identified as the traffic source. Traffic data across longer time periods (day/week/month) and all-time historical data are available as well.

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Blogger now has a home on the iPhone. The team behind BlogPress built a free version of BlogPress just for Blogger users. BlogPress Lite contains many of the great Blogger features you have come to know into a simple yet powerful mobile application for blogging on the go.

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Ever Witnessed 3 Hours Old Content At Front Page of Google? I Did Just Now.
You can reach at the front page of Google in hours time, may be in minutes (Update: Yes 15 minutes, if using a WordPress blog). I will tell you how!!!

Have a look at the image below. It is said by SEO guys that it takes 3 months at least for SEO of any new content and to bring it at the front page of Google. Google is sharp and can distinguish between popular and simple content. Last evening (23 Nov 2008) was Lahore Bloggers Meetup in LUMS. We attended that and in the morning today (24 Nov 2008) I posted the event review. By chance after 4 hours, I hit search button to find some new information about the event by any other blogger but Guess What?

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Lahore Bloggers Meetup – Sunday, November 23, 2008
Time: 3:00pm – 6:00pm
Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS), DHA Lahore, Pakistan
Auditorium SC-4 (adjacent to super store), LUMS, DHA, Lahore


LUMS IEEE Students Chapter
(in collaboration with CIO Pakistan & Google Pakistan)
Management: Khurram Amin, Adnan Ali, Badar Khushnood
Event InfoHost: Pakistani Freelancers
Type: Meetings – Informational Meeting
Network: Global

  • Socializing offline & sharing the secrets to earning online!
  • Who Can Benefit From Blogging?
  • Students: Discover how you can earn your own pocket money.
  • Housewives: Learn how you can earn & support your family while staying at home.
  • Professionals: See how you can enjoy a second income while still doing a full-time job.
Event Summary:

The idea was to encourage Internet users & bloggers to meet offline as well. Senior bloggers got a chance to share knowledge & experience. New wanna-be bloggers could learn from the local success stories and network with leaders & professionals in this field.

But it turned out that it was a introduction and ‘how-tos’ sponsored by Google. But its okay. Their aim was to aware people and they introduced Blogger as a blogging choice.

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